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Often a corporate crisis is only recognized as such when the business already has reached the stage of an earnings crisis (a slump in profits or a loss) or a cash crisis. Both of those stages are usually preceded by a stakeholder, strategy and product crisis. Therefore, company reorganization must focus on both operational and strategic realignment. In the field of corporate reorganization san consult GmbH is specialized not only in taking initial measures (usually to maintain a company’s ability to meet its payment obligations or to prevent its insolvency), but also to assume operational and strategic steps. At the same time an advice on the continuation of the company according to principles promulgated by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW S 6) will be issued, which is also the reorganization guideline for all stakeholders.

1. evaluating excess indebtedness and insolvency
2. immediate measures to stabilize liquidity
3. issuing reorganization advice
4. creditor negotiations and arrangements, payment suspensions
5. change management and process restructurings/optimizations
6. restoring earning capacity and ability to compete as well as increasing enterprise value
7. asset deal & share deal, MBI/MBO, etc. as action alternatives
8. if needed: protective shield proceedings, plan insolvency proceedings & rescue companies

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