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The views of purchasers and sellers regarding the outlook of a company often differ considerably during merger & acquisition proceedings. Potential purchasers are usually willing to pay a better price if the company already is in a state matching their vision. Sellers, on the other hand, like to see the development potential mirrored in the price of their company without having been realized yet. Potential buyers are often deterred from pursuing their interests by reorganizational obstacles. This is especially true for foreign potential buyers who do not know the German legal system. On request of the seller or the purchaser we will assume the corporate reorganization, uniting the interests of both parties and ensuring that there will be added value for the company without disregarding typical issues such as hockey stick planning or compliance with working capital clauses.

market, competition and SWOT analyses
business valuation and impairment test for shareholdings
structuring of the company (in case of sale)
issuing an information memorandum (in case of sale)
due diligence (in case of purchase or sale)
purchase and sales negotiations, flexible purchase price adjustment mechanisms and contract management
integrating the company into the parent company (in case of purchase)

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